First “Facebook Official” picture before Facebook existed.

        Oh marriage. We met in 2007 when I was recalled back into the Marine Corps after being out for almost 3 years (yes, its a real thing). If you’ve never met anyone that has experienced love at first site, well here I am! I cant explain it. I was confused, smitten and intrigued all at once and had to find a way to get to know him. In the words of one of my favorite cartoons, I zinged.

The Proposal…Yes, I was a mess.

         He has a huge taste for the outdoors, as do I, but to the umpteenth level. A leisurely drive to the mountains, beach, or desert was more than just that; it was taking the unpaved roads and setting our own paths to get there. More often than not, we should’ve just stuck to the damn roads but whats the fun in that?! Especially when you can accidentally flip your truck into a crevasse so big that it felt like you fell into the middle of the earth… My goodness. What was I getting myself into?


I honestly didn’t think I’d ever get married. Kind of had a distaste for it at an early age mostly due to the turbulent marriage my folks had (still love you mom and dad). When you’ve grown up in that environment, its going to leave an effect. However, God’s plan….right. I didn’t realize it at the time since I was so caught up in the woe is me drama of getting called back to duty, but this was meant to happen so that I could meet the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

The day of our wedding was the day a hurricane decided to come by and say hello. We were stationed in New Orleans at the time and decided to do a semi-destination wedding in Pensacola Fl. The day of our travels, we were engulfed with rain. Im talking like cars were floating by us, power was out, and we had to leave half of the wedding items behind. Moreover, most of my guests couldn’t make it because all of the flight cancellations. Oh, btw, I was 6 months pregnant.

*Pause for affect*

I was devastated. I was so nervous about whether this was going to happen after a full year of planning. While in transit about 40 minutes in and having to get through some pretty intense traffic, I realized that I forgot to grab my wedding dress! YES! I know! The whole trip was a nightmare. Then after getting through the trauma, we get to the condo that we rented for the whole family and it was taken over by the beach. Sand all in the downstairs area, water was so stirred it was murky brown and skies were as dark as ever. I broke down numerous times and then my hormonal side was telling me that maybe this was a sign that it wasnt meant to be. Maybe we should just call this off.

Then the day came and I swear on my children, it was like God came down and wiped it all away. The skies were that beautiful angelic blue with the water to match. Sand had subsided and drifted back to the sea. Family started to show up little by little with the clearing weather and I remember waking up and thinking how unreal it all was and became so overwhelmed with joy. This was it. We were actually going to do this! Truly magical day.

My Fire Honey.

Of all the aspects of my life, this is the one I have to say is the hardest. As a senior Marine dedicated to her troops and a Momma dedicated to her babies, sometimes my love got lost in the shuffle and its not until explosive emotional combustion that I realized that I accidentally took him for granted. I have to remind myself to take a step back and realize that I have this amazing life because of him. I took a vow to be there and take care of him and before all of what I have now, it was and is him. Must. Not. Forget. That. Stay tuned for the shenanigans this guy gets me in and ways that we keep the fire lit!

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