Spring Cleaning: Confessions of a Mom Hoarder

             Oh spring cleaning. Such a remarkable moment as if though its the one time in a busy mom’s world that tidying up actually happens. Get out of here! Do you know what a cyclone of a mess the house is on the daily with 3 little ones?! Hot mess situations go down in this house. However, I had a bigger issue at hand that I didn’t even realize was going on until the hubs had me take a walk around our home and make a painful discovery. You see, your girl here is crafty and loves loves LOVES to create, paint, and paper mâché the crap out of everything. With this love comes memories that I have some how bestowed into each little piece of hand print painting, mini volcano sculpting and blobby thingy play dough creation and love to display them. What I wasn’t realizing is that my home all of a sudden turned into a child gallery gone wrong and it was really out of control.



…and thats not even half of it. There was art in my car. In the garage. Falling off the fridge because the magnets could only hold so many. In my bedroom and in my closet. Its bad. Im not ashamed though, but did feel it was time for me to do something about it. Enter Plum Print: Best. Thing. Ever. They take all types of artwork and turn them into awesome keepsakes like books, pillows, cushions and even shower curtains! Talk about finding a way to help me gain control of my emotional attachment to my baby’s creations without feeling like a horrible mom!

So how does Plum Print work? With a $40 deposit, a Plum Print shipping kit arrives on your doorstep. All you need to do is fill it up and use the prepaid shipping label to send it back. img_8852Best part is that you can ship anything that fits: 3-D sculptures, rolled up murals, schoolwork, popsicle stick crafts, pipe cleaner creations, macaroni necklaces. It all goes! In a couple of weeks, you can check out some proofs of your kids artwork and pick what you would like to order. I love the way the books came out; great quality binding with the hardcovers and the pictures are vibrant and really kept the integrity of the artwork which was really important to me. So, now that my baby art hoarding is under control, back to the moving everything outside to scrub scrub scrub. Happy Spring cleaning!