Grandparents Day

Vovó, Gwanma, Poppa Jim and Yaya; these are the names that my children call their grandparents. We’re very much so a blended family with Brazilian being the primary on my side and a beautiful European mix of Greek, English and German on my husbands’ side. Yes, our American children are carrying on the motto of us being one big melting pot!UHLB2019 Full Bundle

I didn’t grow up knowing my grandparents. I met my grandmother on my fathers side about a handful of times, and from what I can remember, she was so lively and so warm. I can still hear her laughing.

My only living grandmother is on my mothers side and as of lately I feel very compelled to get in contact with my side of the family. These fires that have destroyed a massive amount of acreage in the Amazon saddened me more than I could’ve imagined and has left me with a feeling of needing to know more of where Im from. It has also made me appreciate my family more. Funny how that always seems to be the case; an unfortunate turn of events to make you realize whats important in life.

My husband’s mother and father are stateside and we so enjoy seeing them whenever we get the chance. Poppa is just such a happy-go-lucky guy and my children absolutely adore him. We get to see him every year during our family reunion and I absolutely look forward to it every single year. Then there’s Yaya, my husband’s mother.  So endearing, patient, genuine and sweet. My children absolutely melt whenever they are with her; it’s always a special time.

And then there’s my parents. I have never met elderly people that have as much energy as my parents do. They can totally hang with my kids and that is definitely something special. Particularly my dad’s relationship with my son… there’s just something there that I can’t quite put my finger on but to watch them interact together just absolutely melts me. It makes me view my father in a different way, a beautiful way that I am so thankful for.
Foam Rollers BannerI hear so many other grandparents (to include my own parents) say that being one is the best thing ever, ha ha ha. And you know what that’s okay, but it would be awesome if ya’ll would stop loading my kiddos up with junk and then pawning them right back to us! That would be great, ahaha. I’m so thankful that my children will be able to experience having grandparents because it’s something that I wish I could’ve. Its the epitome of what unconditional love means. My walls are covered with pictures of the kiddos with their Yaya or Gwanma and every once in a while I’ll stare and think about how blessed I am to have these wonderful people in my children’s life. To be able to start new traditions and pile on another layer of love that every child deserves.


To all the Nana’s and Papi’s out there who have the opportunity to spend day in and day out with her grandchildren, you are so blessed. For the Papu’s and Granny’s who are out there and haven’t seen her grandchildren in a while, you need to fix that. For those that celebrate this day with sorrow because Grandpappi and Grandma’s are no longer around,  I feel you. For the ones that are about to be grandparents, super congratulations; Love those babies. Happy Grandparents day.