bowl of vegetable salad and fruits Good Lord where do I start with my nutrition path. I first have to say, growing up in a home where both parents worked to make ends meet and being the oldest sibling, I learned to cook mostly out of necessity. I didn’t notice at the time, but cooking came very naturally to me. I often time would think about what it was that I wanted to taste and somehow made it happen. I was a vegetarian for about ten years starting in my teens, yes even made it through boot camp (barely) and first tour of duty as one too. Then I went to Culinary school and in all honesty, I don’t know what happened? I don’t know if it was because I felt left out that I couldn’t try anything or if I was so prideful of putting out a good plate that I lost my sight in my views and started to eat animal proteins again. This was also the first time in tried any form of seafood which I know sounds bizarre being that I grew up in Miami Fl and seafood is everywhere but as most who don’t like it, the smell killed me. Of course as I learned, fish shouldn’t smell, so, there you go.

I have never been into any kind of yoyo dieting mostly because it sounds silly to me. I mean, unless you suffer from Celiacs disease, I really don’t see the reason why you should live gluten free. May it work for you, sure, but if your body processes things just fine, stop trying to completely cut something out and possibly cause more harm than good, yea? Stick to the food groups of a green, a protein, a good fat and a fiber and you’ll be golden! Im a huge believer of food being the ultimate healer, especially when I devour that chocolate, all kinds of emotional soul mending is happening there, HA! Fueling the body with all it needs is the remedy in all wellness regiments so as I journey though my fitness, I will ensure to incorporate the proper fundamentals of nourishment the body needs. My biggest tasks is balancing power sources for the body with my culinary trained needs. Everyone thinks that because its healthy that it must taste like tree bark and thats simply not the case. Conversely, everyone who thinks of formally trained chefs think butter, butter, and more butter; not the case ya’ll (not all the time at least). Keeping it clean and simple is how I love to cook the most but Id be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that sometimes it comes with a side of bacon (Im just saying, come on, its bacon).

Since Im a mother, it is very important to me as well that I infuse good eating habits to my kiddos. Not to offend anyone, but nothing irks me more than picky eaters. Establishing a healthy relationship with food from a young age is paramount. No questions asked. There are so many ways yo incorporate a good eating regiment and thats a daily focus of mine for my family. I definitely can appreciate a good night out (which is definitely one of my favorite things to do with the hubs), but my traditional side speaks when it comes to being the one who holds the key to family gatherings around delicious meals. Hope you enjoy my cooking ideas and my sweet grub finds during our travels!