65546770_487158978708752_337910447548137472_oSo I have never classified myself as being athletic. However, I am competitive so somewhere in that mix with a side of it being a product of my career, Im a bit on the fit side. From running, hiking and weight lifting, to cycling and high intensity circuit training, I’ll dabble in just about everything.

After my third baby however I hit a wall pretty hard. Having a C-Section with all three kids, I feel like my pelvic floor is destroyed, still recovering from a mean case of diastasis recti, those epidurals have left kiwi sized knots in my back. Moreover, my last 4 years of service was the first time that both hubs and I were working full time so making the time to exercise was most difficult. I have finally come to terms with the fact that I had a bought of post partum depression and didn’t have the courage to say it.  However, reprioritizing has been the key, and with transitioning from the military life I have placed my health first. Working not only on the physical strength but also gaining back my emotional and mental strength are key elements I am engaging in. Im also embarking on a new journey where I want to help others reach their goals and let them know that when you set your mind to it, you can take over the world. Or at least a 1 hour STRONG by Zumba session! HA! May 2018, I became officially licensed to teach STRONG classes and I couldn’t be more excited (Make sure to join me on Instagram and on Facebook as I get Pensacola moving)!

#official thanks to this legendary badass, Nathalia Ferreira!

Being in the military, it’s a whirlwind of ego and competition. It’s always about going hard and leaving everything on the floor, all the time, every time. Im a true believer that being mentally strong gets you through any tough situation to include physical fitness. Through lifestyle, I hope to infuse your mind with how fitness is a stepstone in overall wellness. Lets do this!img_9557