So Im going to let you know right now, I have never classified myself to be athletic. However, I am competitive so somewhere in that mix with a side of it being a product of my career, Im a bit on the fit side. From running, hiking and weight lifting, to cycling and high intensity circuit training, I’ll dabble in just about everything. I have to say running is my favorite though because its my time to collect my thoughts, pray, and get lost in the moment. Runners high is the most fabulous feeling and I crave it. I am a year after my third baby and hit a wall pretty hard. After having a C-Section with all three kids, I feel like my pelvic floor is destroyed, those epidurals have left kiwi sized knots in my back, and since this is the first tour that both hubs and I are working full time, making the time to exercise has been most difficult by far these past few months. However, reprioritizing is key and putting my health first has been the new mindset. Working not only on the physical strength but also gaining back my emotional and mental strength are key elements I am engaging in.

balance body exercise femaleBeing in the military, it’s a whirlwind of ego and competition. It’s always about going hard and leaving everything on the floor, all the time, every time. The spring chicken in me was all about it, but between life itself, aging and all the other forces, keeping that momentum gets tough. Im a true believer that being mentally strong gets you through any tough situation to include physical fitness. I like to keep my diet as natural as possible and have talked myself into trying other forms of exercise that can aid my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Anyone care to join?