Self Care

67469702_361690561187525_8053730353413619712_oFinding balance in life is the hardest thing to accomplish and Im sure everyone can agree. When you’re ambitious and want to take over the world, but still manage the traditional life of a marriage and family, sacrifices happen. Im a woman that has always placed everything and everyone else first and never took the time to take care of myself. This went on for years until one evening my body let me know that enough was enough. I had a purge of the worst kind to where I had to go to the hospital and realized that I was literally exhausted. Mental strength is all fine and dandy, but tied to a body, you have to listen sometimes and know your limits.

Self care is not only on the outside, but most importantly to take place on the inside. Adequate rest, balance nutrition and exercise are key elements to keep the body in top functionality, however working on mental and spiritual care is just as important. Toxic relationships and work environment and feeling of despair and severe inadequacy can lead to a very dark path so Im a firm believer that first realizing that you’re in a bad place is the first step. Once thats established, take ownership of this and change your path. Change your mindset. change your life. 2019 was this enlightening moment for me and for the first time in ever, I will schedule time to work on my own wellness. Lets do this together!