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img_9306I fell in love with Pensacola the day my husband and I got married on its beautiful beach. The journey taken up to that day is a phenomenal story within itself, but it was such a moment in time that as of this year, our family has made it our family reunion location for the past 7 years and it never gets old! I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to be stationed aboard Naval Airstation Pensacola a well and the area really grew on me. So much that now as I’ve transitioned in life from my super full time job as a United States Marine, hubs and I have decided to make this gem of a location our home; Pensacola, Florida.

During my tour, I have been stationed in New Orleans and at Naval Air Station Pensacola and have traveled everywhere in between. Being raised in Miami, Florida, the Gulf Coast life offers a very different perspective on what it means to live in Florida. I have to be honest, it was a huge adjustment for me because living in Miami was anything else but quiet and calm unlike up here in the panhandle. The tempo here is very laid back, very hometown feel yet offers all of the best beach amenities you could ever wish for.

The beach is the one place in life where I feel I can go and just be. Its where I go to calm down and reflect and pray and also the place I take the littles to enjoy splashing the waves. Between here and Panama City Beach, I cant express enough how unbelievable the beaches are and so proud and happy to call it home. Its a very sought after location to vacation audits in my backyard; blessed or what? I look forward to sharing all that the Gulf Coast has to offer. Come join me on our adventures! img_9249

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