Aviation Life

Nope, Im not a pilot. I pay people, write policy and create synergy where motivation lacks, but, I have been around the aviation community for the past decade, so hey, it counts alright! Its unlike any other experience and with each passing year I not only grow more appreciative of what the men and women in uniform in the aviation field can do but as a leader feel more well rounded because I get a better understanding of the support given to troops on the ground. Being stationed in the heart of Blue Angels town, aviation is the epicenter of Pensacola’s existence. This is my first duty station where Im not on a Marine Corps installation so it was not only an experience to learn to work with other uniformed services but also see first hand working with instructor pilots the rigors of what it actually takes to become a uniformed service pilot.

        I was fortunate enough to take a visit to Naval Airstation Whiting Field which is about 40 minutes north of where I work, and was treated to a session in a simulator where actual pilots in training learn some sweet moves. I was a bit nervous at first because Im not into heights and you’d be incredibly surprised on how amazingly real these simulators look. However, after a few test drives, your girl was “flying” through the valley’s of the Grand Canyon like a champ! BOOM! Also had myself geared up from head to toe and let me tell you, its not a joke. Its incredibly suffocating, heavy and had me feeling claustrophobic! Great time learning and having more tools for the tool box and yet an additional perspective that yes, service members are cut from a different cloth!