An Angel in the Family

50454595_2025587617738564_2560253923818471424_oThere’s this girl I know. She’s my cousin that I gained through marriage and she’s awesome. Her name is Morgan. From the moment I met her I knew she was something special. Couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was but you’re in her presence and you’ll just know. She is the ultimate lamb and has a sense of spirituality unlike any other young lady that I personally know. She is a child of God and is not afraid to shout it out at the top of her lungs. Last month she came from a year-long mission trip from 11 different countries around the world spreading the gospel through the World Race  and let me tell you, seeing her upon return I can tell the amount of impact that it has left in her heart.


 52803667_2050253381938654_7088461308613361664_nBeing someone who has been overseas I can understand the impact that that has, but she up that game and went on a whole other level, fighting against an all too common enemy that I like to call the “faithless”. I’m not going to sit here and write that I have been into my faith my whole life. It’s only been something that I have been working on for maybe about the past five years so it’s all been an eye opening experience to me as well. Morgan however has been infused with the love, compassion, obedience, and genuine will to love God with all of her might from day one. I don’t believe in perfection, but again with her on the path that she has been at such a young age, it brings me to have such respect for her on multiple levels.

                          She documented her journey through her blog which I absolutely love to read. She spent a month in every country and from the food, to the host, to the culture exposure she so eloquently wrote her experience that made me feel I was there with her the whole time. It has matured her way beyond her years and she’s so humble about it and I feel that’s what makes her the most beautiful. She returned back just in time to celebrate our sixth year get together of the Fangman family reunion here in my hometown of Pensacola Beach. I was so excited to see her and hear stories straight from her so it was a real treat for her to come just in time. About a week or two before she returned she mentioned that this mission has left such love in her heart that she doesn’t feel that she’ll be able to slow down, so she is now venturing into a another mission trip but this time in our own backyard, the United States. I can’t express enough how proud our family is of her to dedicate so much time to such a cause. Her missions are majority funded through donations and so she must find ways to help fund her endeavors. She most recently partnered up with Keys for the Journey in the most awesome way to help fund her next mission trip.

                      I too am starting on a new journey in life so this partnership spoke volumes to me because it’s really resonating as I am transitioning in life. I took a leap of faith and have left mine and my families future completely in the hands of God and feel that every day is the opportunity to start something new and purposeful. The idea of carrying a key, that’s close to my heart, that is a reminder of what I need to focus on is a very powerful thing and I’m so happy that Morgan has exposed this to not only myself but to all her family and friends. I instantly ordered one which helps fund her upcoming trip, so I felt like this was a triple win.


I chose “TODAY” because for about the past decade, I have always been so worried living my life in the future. Of course it’s important to have goals and to plan and have the steps in place to get to that point. However, I became so exponentially obsessed with planning that I never took a minute to slow down and enjoy today. My key is not only paying homage to my family and myself, but it really makes me happy that part of this is helping my sweet cousin find others who may need to hear the word today as well. Please help her to enjoy what she loves most, which is spreading the good word, and get your key today! Make sure at the portion of the drop-down box that you select “Morgan Fangman. ” Also make sure to post a picture in her honor  and tag Keys for the Journey so as one big happy family we can see what each other’s motivation is! Happy journeys. Love you Morgan!