IMG_6465AHA! I gotcha, didn’t I?! Thought “Aww, look at how cute they are?!” Little do you know it takes about 15 tries to get it right, and that’s if were lucky! Family life isn’t picture perfect. Its stressful. Its exhausting. Its full of surprises. Its also full of laughter, growing and love. I didn’t grow up wondering what it would be like to have a family of my own. I didn’t think that it would happen honestly because I know Im a strong willed person and finding someone who respected and accepted me for that felt like a needle in a haystack situation. Then there he was…the needle. More like a needle in the derriere cause he’s such a pain, but he did give me some pretty good looking kids, didn’t he?


Being married is awesome. Sharing the shit storm with someone is the ultimate intimacy if you ask me. I have taken my husband for granted so many times and it aches me to know that. He’s always there, whether I realized it or not. Being a military family where you have no one else to rely on is very difficult. It has more often times than not punctured some holes in my relationship with my husband, but were both so strong willed, we challenge each other to stay in love and not give up, ahaha. He was the beginning of family to me and I can get so caught up with life before I realize that. I’m working on it.

I don’t have all the answers. I learn everyday. Then having 3 kids with 3 completely different personalities, geez…not going to lie, I do get overwhelmed. Its constantly having to switch up the game as each kid grows. I seriously get to the point where I’m using my military mindset to get these kids in line with “drawing strategies” and applying “leadership and mentorship traits” ahaha. I know it sounds funny, but I seriously do. Then when I think I’m on a roll and have gotten it all figured out, BOOM, kids want to change again. Ive adjusted to the fact that I need to be a better person and a better role model not only for my kids but for myself. The military has also caused me to be, shall I say, occasionally emotionless. I have struggled to understand child emotions not realizing that it does great harm to not take them serious. They are learning just as much as you are so taking a moment to reflect on that is key.

KIDS EVER SMILEAfter 6 years of kidding, I finally feel comfortable in my mom role. At least realizing that it takes patience, self control, empathy and most importantly, love. I pray on the hard days and am grateful for the good ones. I take great pride in running a home, whether I was working 16 hours days or in transition to a new career. I attempt to place my family first every breathe of my being because believe or not ladies, we are molding the future. We are creating the next generation. The resiliency factor in society lies within us (No pressure). Not to take anything away from dad’s, but whether you want to admit to it or not, we are the foundation and nurturers to our children and set the tone. Own it. Lets do this together, shall we?