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Well hello there! I’m Aldrei. I’m a fire wife and a mother to two legged and four legged creatures. I used to wear a camouflage uniform to work but am now a veteran embarking on a new course in life. my goals are to be a better wife and mother to my family, setting some roots here in the Gulf Coast and live a beach lifestyle (very excited), and starting a new career as a Fitness and Wellness Coach (even more excited). I’m a foodie with a Culinary degree and enjoy traveling whenever I can. Additional mission in life is to kiss my kids to the point their cheeks are sore before they go to bed everyday, remember to feed the animals, and embrace my marriage to a firefighter for the loving and wonderfully painful and sometimes hair pulling experience that it is.¬†Somewhere in that chaos, I try to get my sweat on and get a good workout in as this is the way I keep in tune with my inner self balance. I eat avocados just about daily, and try to remember to wash my hair. Im a thirty something year old with a boho sense of fashion mostly because I like feeling like Im wearing pajamas all day.

942212_10200477869823794_1086134124_n_10200477869823794I served in the worlds elite United States Marine Corps for over 16 years and as of 2018, women have been hooking and jabbing for 100 years. That is something so special and so badass and I feel totally honored to be one of the few. I also feel that being married to a firefighter brings an extra dash of awesome to my life because the Fire Fighter community is much like that of the military; camaraderie, pressures, sacrificing, risks, heartache, family. Its all there. Then theres the balance of all of that with having littles and finding time for self care. I often times get asked how do I do it, and besides having been made this way by God, I have no idea! Marriage, family and career have always been the epicenter of my life and ¬†I hope that through my journey, I can empower, inspire, uplift, support, give a good laugh, and authentically let everyone know that when they think they are the only one, I will assure you that you’re not.

If there is anything that I feel that I have never really had was a good support system. Being a female Marine had its lonely moments because you’re one of the fewer, constantly moving, and for the sake of being top notch had to prioritize everything over your own life. It was because of this career path, the stresses of marriage and child raising was that much more difficult. Since transitioning, Im on a new path to not only want to be a support system to others, but educate on what it means to live a fit and well lifestyle, what it takes to be a good wife to a fire fighter, and most challenging, how to raise children in today’s society.

We can navigate together! Glad to meet you.


And though she be but little, she is fierce.
William Shakespeare

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